My name is Shahnaz Niroomanesh, and I was born in Tehran-Iran. I did my master’s degree in applied and theoretical physics, and earned my PhD in management. Before 2006, I was teaching physics and mechanics, managed educational centers and institutions, and established and managed an educational counseling center

After 2006, I’ve started teaching Interuniversalism (Erfan Halgheh) courses, and attended central council meeting at interuniversalism association. I was the director of science and research committee at interuniversalism, and was a member of publication, and public relation team as well

I was the founder of non-government organization of Iranian public health association in relation to Faradarmani

My other activities were cooperation and collaboration with internatoional universities for introduction of Faradarmani as a complementary and alternative medicine

In 2011, I moved out of Iran, and started activities in support of Dr. Mohammad Ali Taheri the founder of Interunoversalism and its subdivisions Faradarmani and Psymentology.  My activities included formation of an international campaign of free master Taheri, lobbying with authorities and human rights organizations, attending TV interviews and etc

In 2012, I established the nonprofit foundation of M.A Taheri in the United States of America

Research Experiences

Historical studies of the Abrahamic religions, philosophy of science, physics and metaphysics


Seir “The Journey» which is a collection of my poems and inspirations and revelations. First edition 2008

“The Alast” scheduled for 2014 publication

 The Turning Point in My Life

In 2005, I introduced to Interuniversalism where experienced my mystical journey under the guidance of the most knowledgeable teacher in my life. My introduction to master Taheri was a new begging for me which I can’t put it in any words to explain it. I learned a lot from master Taheri, and I found out about myself, love, and the true meaning of life and existence

                  “Pour his love in our hearts

                                                                      Shine his light on our hearts”

I hope that by continuing my international teachings of Mr. Taheri’s teachings and ideology, I do my share to deliver his teachings and vision to the people around the globe. I also hope that with the effort of interuniversalism’s followers,soon Interuniversalism being introduced to mankind  ,and learn about the concept of connection to universal intelligence to become free from all the pains and unpleasant conditions