After 3 years of Mr. Taheri imprisonment, his followers are very concern about his critical situation in solitary confinement

Dr. Shahnaz Niroomanesh, president of Interuniversalism in Los Angeles told to Persian BBC News: “Dr. Taheri has been sentenced to fines, lashes and imprisonment for five years, but officials have said that his case still is open for further investigation. Further capital punishments will address against him after his five years imprisonment is over”

Accusations such as above in Iran can lead to very heavy sentences against the defendant

In 2009, Mr. Taheri has been arrested by the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Intelligence Officers and charged with acting against national security. After 67 days of interrogation he was released on bail. Early in 2011 he was again accused of apostasy, blasphemy and insults the Prophet, and was arrested. He has been detained since 2011 in Section 2A of Evin prison

Mr. Taheri recently sent a letter to UN Human Rights Special Rapporteur Dr. Ahmed Shaheed, about the condition of prisons in Iran. Mr. Taheri’s letter to special UN rapporteur has been reported by mass media

Mr. Taheri wrote: “Utilizing all kinds of emotional and mental pressures as well as fake promises on a conditional release in case of acting out their orchestrated and tailored media interviews. After several months of solitary confinement, four attempts for suicide, two times of hunger strike and the excruciating fear for the safety of my family members (following the failure of my investigators and interrogators’ fabricated scenarios), in order to end their (unreasonably and illegitimately protracted) persecution, I did agree with the interrogator’s one-sided, promised proposal to act out an interview for the record, in return for my immediate release. To perform in this interview, my interrogator made notes and held them up to be articulated by me while being taped by two other interrogators simultaneously. Accordingly, I had to make statements like “I agree that my activities were against the law and such.” and despite their never- ending pressures, I resisted and refused to comply and wrongly confess to the act of apostasy. Only after completion of this forged interview I realized that they not only failed to fulfilled their two promises but also they had circulated and broadcasted the video through a variety of media (like via the 8:30 PM State Channel 2 TV News), without my previous knowledge or concession, and creating an untruthful impression of me being a trickster and charlatan in the public eye. By doing so and contrary to their early promises, they kept engineering false charges against to aggravate my case even with malicious acts like fabrication of private complainants, or by misusing this video, the existing proof of my self-confession documents and attached it to the original indictment file.”

Mr. Taheri described judicial authorities and security forces behaviors to himself, his family members and his followers in the letter he wrote to UN Human Rights Special Rapporteur Ahmad Shaheed and indicated his readiness to testify about these behaviors in person

According to some sources, Iranian Revolutionary Guards intelligence officers shortly after publication of his letter arrested Mr. Taheri’s wife

Mr. Taheri is the founder of the spiritual practice known as Interuniversalism, and has significant supporters inside and outside Iran

Iranian regimes have been prosecuted leaders and followers of many spiritual organizations in the past decades