Mr. Taheri founder of Interuniversalism and two complementary and alternative medicines of Faradarmani and Psymentology wrote a letter to UN Human Rights Appointed Rapporteur Dr. Ahmed Shaheed

Mr. Taheri on his letter complaint about the behavior of the judicial authorities and the security forces to himself, his family members and his followers. He describes about his situation in solitary confinement for the past three years and his critical situation

We are having an interview with Mrs. Niroomanesh president of Interuniversalism from Los Angeles, California

Q: Mrs. Niroomanesh, would you explain to viewers about the arrestment of Mr. Taheri

A: Well, Mr. Taheri has been arrested by the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Intelligence Officers and accused of apostasy, fighting against God and His holey prophet, blasphemy, insults to the holy Prophet and acting against national security. But the main reason that he has been arrested is because of his new ideology which is Interuniversalism

Q: What were Mr. Taheri activities before he was arrested

A: Mr. Taheri was teaching classes about Interuniversalism and Faradarmani

Q: How popular was Mr. Taheri’s classes

A: Mr. Taheri’s classes were very popular with few hundred students per session, and over thousands of people were attending his workshops. His popularity was increased, and considered as a red flag by Iranian regime

Q: Mr. Taheri has been in prison over three years. Why this letter has been released now

A:In the letter Mr. Taheri talks about many things, including about the execution orders which were accredited by 15 of the grand Ayatollahs, or threatening to hurt, intimidate and jail his family members. Q: But why now

A: Mr. Taheri had been arrested for 67 days in solitary confinement about 4 years ago. After 67 days he was released on bail, and he agreed to stop any mystical activities or teaching. He was only allowed to continue on his scientific researches about Faradarmani and Psymentology complementary and alternative medicines

But the regime didn’t like his activities in field of complementary and alternative medicine as well. As the result, he was arrested and kept in solitary confinement since May 3rd, 2011

We were hoping that Mr. Taheri would have been released from prison by now. Unfortunately tensions have been increased on Mr. Taheri, and he is in a very critical situation

Mr. Taheri realized that by delivering his letter to international level the world would hear his voice, and become more concern about his critical situation in solitary confinement for over 3 years

Q: What was Mr. Taheri’s sentence

A: Mr. Taheri has been sentenced to fines, lashes and imprisonment for five years, but officials have said that his case still is open for further investigation. Further capital punishments will address against him after his five years imprisonment is over. Accusations such as above in Iran can lead to very heavy sentences against the accused

The advantage of keeping Mr. Taheri’s case open gives the opportunity to Iranian regime to halt all the activities that can lead to his freedom. The Iranian Revolutionary Guards Intelligence Officers was able to force Interuniversalism followers to silence by placing their undercover members in Interuniversalism society. The formation of silence in Interuniversalism society is the main reason that there have never been serious activities for freedom of Mr. Taheri. This time, Mr. Taheri breaks the silence to deliver his voice at international level, and he hopes that his followers break the silence that was forced upon them

Q: Would you explain more about Mr. Taheri situation in prison

A: Last year after two years of solitary confinement, he was released under house arrest for 6 days due to upcoming presidential election in Iran. I had a phone conversation with Mr. Taheri, and we agreed that if he is not release from prison within the next two months, we launch an international freedom campaign

The international campaign of freedom Taheri was launched last June, and as the result of last year international protests Mr. Taheri’s name and his ideology “Interuniversalism” was mentioned in the recent report of Dr. Ahmad Shaeeds about situation of human rights in Iran on March, 2014

I’ve received Mr.Taheri’s letter from Iran this spring. As was requested by Mr. Taheri, first developing cooperation with international associations and next creating a vast media coverage on an international level of campaign for Mr Taheri’s letter and necessary actions has been taken by freedom seeking organization of Mr Taheri

Q: Can you explain more about Interuniversalism and why Iranian regime is so concern about your activities

A: Interuniversalism is a spiritual practice that was founded by Mr. Taheri about thirty years ago. In interuniversalism anyone is able to connect to universal intelligence with his/her mind, and turn on his/her abilities switches. One of these abilities is healing and many others. The benefit of connection to the higher intelligence allows us to manage our feelings, emotions judgments, etc. Also healing different type of diseases and many other spiritual understanding would be achieved with connection to universal consciousness

A theocracy system has never accepted these kind of spiritual practices as has been recorded throughout history of mankind

On behalf of BBC Persian, I thank you for your time