Salute and peace upon you,

Congratulating the Christian New Year, I would like to take this opportunity to shortly review some of the current events of the world. We passed 2016 while our hearts still are in pain from the cruelties and tyrannies that some people have exercised over others in various parts of the world. Undoubtedly, such cruelties are the result of not being aware of the nature of human beings as a single entity. However, the collective spirit of human beings is moving towards awareness and consciousness; a reality that fills our hearts with hope and joy. The important era in which we live has started since 2012 and it will take at least one decade for all people to understand its nature. In fact, 2012 was a turning point in the history. The year of 2016 was also critical because of the magnitude of consciousness evolution as well as ecological changes occurred on the earth, a trend that will go on during 2017 as well as the next coming years. We will definitely witness determining and significant changes within this chronological phase that is the consequence of raising human’s awareness. A historically pivotal mystical and spiritual revolution has already started, a revolution that is increasingly affecting the power equations all over the world. Many previously stabled structures, for example, have lost their stability. The first signals of such a movement, which entails raising awareness, will be reflected in peoples’ beliefs and values and then in their social behaviors, which in turn will lead to the change of social organizations that control societies. In such a phase, those people, societies, and systems that are in harmony with the progressive collective awareness of human beings will survive. However, people should be aware of and cautious about the systems that deceitfully pretend to be in line with the prevalent consciousness just to maintain their power and control over others. Awareness evolution will unfortunately entail some casualties too.

With no doubt, Master Mohammad Ali Taheri, the founder of Interuniversalism and the founder of collected and codified consciousness management, has been definitely the most prominent figure of the Consciousness era, i.e., the 21st century. Without utilizing any physical or mechanical tool and only through consciousness tools, having access to the softwares of existence, using the potentials of the collective spirit and collective shared mind of all human beings he has undoubtedly taken the most effective measures towards promoting and raising human awareness. At the expense of his own life, Mohammad Ali Taheri transferred this divine gift to all human beings; a gift that will guarantee the continuity of raising awareness provided that it is used correctly. In fact, the truth of Mohammad Ali Taheri and what he brought for all human beings is a fact that should be disclosed within this era, and this endeavor is the responsibility of all his true students who have comprehended the truthfulness and effectiveness of his lessons and messages wholeheartedly. We hope that all humans decently enjoy and use this divine gift towards raising all humans’ wisdom and awareness.

I entrust you to the compassionate Lord and wish you a year filled with love and awareness

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