About me

Born in 1960, Tehran, Iran

University education

Applied Physics 

Theoretical Physics


Social and cultural backgrounds

Before 2006

Teaching physics and mechanics

Management of educational institutions

Establishment and management Education Advising Center

After 2006, Iran

Teaching topics and courses of Interuniversalism

Member of the Interuniversalism’s centeral council in Iran

Head of scientific Committee of the Central Council of Interuniversalism.

Outsourcing of research and writing in Interuniversalism

Establishment of the non-governmental Organisation (NGO)Public Health Hub” (with Faradarmani)

Cross-border activities and cooperation with universities abroad in connection with Faradarmani

Since  2011 Outside Iran

Activities in support of Mr. Mohammad Ali Taheri, founder of the Interuniversalism, including the establishment of an international campaign for freedom of M.A Taheri

Establishment of Interuniversalism Inc

Research Background

The history of the Abrahamic religions

philosophy of science




“Seir“:  poems
First Edition: 2009 -Iran