Congratulating the Christian New Year


Salute and peace upon you,

Congratulating the Christian New Year, I would like to take this opportunity to shortly review some of the current events of the world. We passed 2016 while our hearts still are in pain from the cruelties and tyrannies that some people have exercised over others in various parts of the world. Undoubtedly, such cruelties are the result of not being aware of the nature of human beings as a single entity. However, the collective spirit of human beings is moving towards awareness and consciousness; a reality that fills our hearts with hope and joy. The important era in which we live has started since 2012 and it will take at least one decade for all people to understand its nature. In fact, 2012 was a turning point in the history. The year of 2016 was also critical because of the magnitude of consciousness evolution as well as ecological changes occurred on the earth, a trend that will go on during 2017 as well as the next coming years. We will definitely witness determining and significant changes within this chronological phase that is the consequence of raising human’s awareness. A historically pivotal mystical and spiritual revolution has already started, a revolution that is increasingly affecting the power equations all over the world. Many previously stabled structures, for example, have lost their stability. The first signals of such a movement, which entails raising awareness, will be reflected in peoples’ beliefs and values and then in their social behaviors, which in turn will lead to the change of social organizations that control societies. In such a phase, those people, societies, and systems that are in harmony with the progressive collective awareness of human beings will survive. However, people should be aware of and cautious about the systems that deceitfully pretend to be in line with the prevalent consciousness just to maintain their power and control over others. Awareness evolution will unfortunately entail some casualties too.

With no doubt, Master Mohammad Ali Taheri, the founder of Interuniversalism and the founder of collected and codified consciousness management, has been definitely the most prominent figure of the Consciousness era, i.e., the 21st century. Without utilizing any physical or mechanical tool and only through consciousness tools, having access to the softwares of existence, using the potentials of the collective spirit and collective shared mind of all human beings he has undoubtedly taken the most effective measures towards promoting and raising human awareness. At the expense of his own life, Mohammad Ali Taheri transferred this divine gift to all human beings; a gift that will guarantee the continuity of raising awareness provided that it is used correctly. In fact, the truth of Mohammad Ali Taheri and what he brought for all human beings is a fact that should be disclosed within this era, and this endeavor is the responsibility of all his true students who have comprehended the truthfulness and effectiveness of his lessons and messages wholeheartedly. We hope that all humans decently enjoy and use this divine gift towards raising all humans’ wisdom and awareness.

I entrust you to the compassionate Lord and wish you a year filled with love and awareness


Iran accused of sentencing dead man to death to cover up torture

Source: The Telegraph
Mohammad Ali Taheri, an Iranian faith healer, reportedly died in prison and was then sentenced to death to cover it up

By Ahmad Vahdat, and Colin Freeman8:30PM BST 09 Aug 2015
Supporters of an Iranian faith healer who was jailed for blasphemy and “touching the wrists of female patients” have accused the country’s government of posthumously sentencing him to death to cover up his death from torture and hunger strike.
Mohammad Ali Taheri, a pioneer of “holistic” complementary medicine, initially received a five-year jail sentence. His case was among those raised last week by Zeid Ra’ad Al-Hussein, the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, after it was announced last weekend that he had later been sentenced to death by Iran’s “revolutionary court” on fresh charges of spreading “corruption on earth”.
US-based followers of his Circle of Unity organisation now claim to have learned from sources within Iran’s prison system that he actually starved himself to death as long as ago as January, but that the Iranian authorities then covered it up. The Iranian government insists he is still alive.
“I can confirm that Dr Mohammad Ali Taheri, the leader of our spiritual group has died while under torture and on hunger strike against his death penalty,” said Shahnaz Niroomanesh, the California-based director of Interuniversalist organisation, who said she had learned of his death from sources that earlier smuggled a jailcell letter from Mr Taheri to the UN. “The authorities have refrained from announcing the news to avoid a reaction from his supporters, the public and human rights organisations. Instead, they sentenced him to death in order to justify his announced death.”
Zeid Ra’ad Al-Hussein
UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Zeid Ra’ad Al-Hussein Photo: AFP
Mr Taheri first established his “Circle of Unity” organisation as an arts and culture institute in Tehran more than a decade ago. It uses healing concepts and psycho-analysis based on a theory of “Inter-universalism”.
While his teachings might be regarded as eccentric even in the West, human rights group say the case against him shows that Iranian government is suspicious of anyone who gains a spiritual “following” other than its own Shia mullahs.

In May, after having been in Tehran’s Evin prison for three-and-a-half years, Mr Taheri was put on trial again for “corruption on earth,” a charge that carries the death penalty and for which he was earlier acquitted.
According to supporters of the group, Iran’s judiciary has been under pressure from several ultra-conservative ayatollahs and the Revolutionary Guard’s ideological branch to take a firm line against him and his group. Mr Taheri denies the charges against him.
The claims that Mr Taheri has died were denied by his court-appointed lawyer, Alizadeh Tabatabaee, who described them as a “sheer lie”. In a statement to the Daily Telegraph, his office said: “Some while ago he [Tabatabaee] met with him [Taheri] in the Court of Revolution and a video film of this meeting, which was produced without the knowledge of the lawyer and his client by the security forces, is available to view on the internet.”
Mr Taheri’s supporters say has never met with his court-appointed lawyers while in detention, including Mr Tabatabee, and that the video clip is a fake posted by a group connected to Iran’s Revolutionary Guard.

The Letter of International Campaign for Freedom of Mohammad Ali Taheri to Dr. Ahmed Shaheed, the UN Special Rapporteur on the Situation of Human Rights in the Islamic Republic of Iran on May 16, 2015

Honorable Dr. Ahmed Shaheed, the UN Special Rapporteur on the Situation of Human Rights in the Islamic Republic of Iran;

First of all, the International Campaign for Freedom of Mohammad Ali Taheri, an Iranian scholar and founder of Interuniversalism, on behalf of more than twelve thousand students and human rights activist and petition signer (1) in support of Mohammad Ali Taheri around the world (1) would like to appreciate your attention to the situation of Interuniversaliscm’s followers in Iran as well as the name and description of the circumstances of Mr. Taheri in the March 2015 statement.

As head of the campaign, and in the continuation of the activities, previous correspondence and negotiations with you and your colleagues about this campaign(2), and delivering Mr. Tahei’s letter which was addressed to you from inside the prison(3). I had provided you with accurate and most recent documents and news about the situation of Mr. Mohammad Ali Taheri in prison under strict solitary confinement, and pressure by the Iranian government to his followers inside and outside of Iran was presented to you by the campaign (4).

Also with continuous cooperation and activities with consultants, associates, and colleagues in the commissioner for human rights(5), I would like to represent you with very important and disturbing events that occurred in connection with the recent status of Master Mohammad Ali Taheri, along with related documents.

Dr. Ahmed Shaheed, based on the evidences and legitimate documents which was provided to this campaign, unfortunately Master Mohammad Ali Taheri has died sometime between December 2014 and January 2015 as the result of torture under hunger strike for months.(2) Interrogations while on hunger strike along with torture to obtain confession of being a spy, in one of the secret and private residential torture chambers of Interior Ministry of Intelegence and Security of Iran outside the Evin Prison between December 2014 and January 2015.

Since then, the Iranian government with the help of Intelligence and Security Forces has avoided the release of this news to escape from the domestic and international pressure which may be caused as the result of the death of a spiritual teacher, scholar and prisoner of conscience which coincidence with the Iran’s International nuclear talks, by misinforming the public and distortion of the truth to hide the loss of Mohammad Ali Taheri as the result of the hunger strike.

In this regard, after the death of Mr. Taheri the Iranian government has created false and fabricated events and scenarios to deceit the international community and public opinion about his existence and proving his guilt by reasons below:

Publicizing Mr. Taheri’s case by his third attorney through the state media and social sources which are under the direct order of Iranian intelligence security forces (This attorney like the first two attorneys, for six months, has been providing fake advocacy while he is cooperating with revolutionary guards and Iranian government and individuals responsible for torturing him).
Sudden support and online activities by Mr. Taheri’s family after 3.5 years of silence under the name of his elderly mother under a fake pretense to provide false news coverage such as the existence of Mr. Taheri to human rights organizations and the news media led by government agencies.
The family’s attempt to stop the activities of human rights and media activities of this campaign by leveraging and using their legal rights as their family.
Increasing pressure on students and instructors of Interuniversalism by issuing sentences against supporters and activists of Interuniversalism suddenly and rapidly in the past four months which said to be illegal by the independent lawyers and advocates.
The sudden release of several news about the holding of unpublicized court hearing to investigate allegations of corruption on earth against Mr. Taheri while was confirmed by investigations of independent human rights activis In the past two months, Mr. Taheri was not present at any of these court hearings.
Encouraging controlled rallies in support of Mr. Taheri by Intelligence Security Forces to reflect the news in international media as evidence that Mr. Taheri is alive while in the past four years they prevented any movement and rallies inside and outside Iran to support and defend Mr. Taheri.
Dr. Ahmed Shaheed, in the letter which was addressed to you by Mr. Taheri from inside the prison, and was delivered to you by the head of this campaign (6) on in paragraph 3 and 16 clearly was stated that his family is under extreme pressure to cooperate with the security forces. As was clearly expressed in paragraph 7 in all these years Mr. Taheri’s rights to have an independent lawyer and meet with his previous two lawyers freely, has been denied.

Dr. Shaheed please note that Mr. Taheri chose the much harder and riskier way by sending the letter which was addressed to you to the president and spokesperson of the campaign (Shahnaz Niroomanesh) in the United States, instead of his wife and family members such as his sister in Canada and so on without their knowledge and it clearly shows that he could not depend on his lawyer or family, because of extreme pressure by the government on them. His family has to cooperate with the forces of government.

We would expect you not to ignore this important matter easily, by accepting and approving the false reports of his family and lawyer which are endorse by government and the Revolutionary Guards of Iran, and intentionally to approve and disseminate the rumor of his existence, and misrepresent this important time in time. Master Taheri’s case is considered as an Ideological-Security case which is very complex because Mr. Taheri and his role at this period of history which may refer to as the spiritual revolution is very unique.

Due to important role of Master Taheri in this period of era, the Iranian regime customized a long run project to eliminate Mr. Taheri, by employing all its sources and powers through religious authorities, intelligence security forces and revolutionary guards to eliminate his teachings and prevent any major social and fundamental changes in the country by his students in the future, after his elimination. The Iranian regime is attempting to hide all the tortures and violation of human rights against this spiritual teacher during his imprisonment under the theocracy ruling government in Iran, as well as publishing false news in the name of his family and attorney to hide the truth about him and his ideology for future generations.

Over a year ago, three religious authorities sentenced Mohammad Ali Taheri (Refers to the letter which was provided to you) to execution by invalid charges such as apostasy and enemy against God. Ayatollah Makarem Shirazi was one of the three religious authorities who issue a Fatwa for Mr. Taheri. Following the publication of a Master Taheri’s letter to you on April 24th, 2014, the news was published about the issued Fatwa by religious authorities on July 8th, 2014 in Iranian media which determined the government plans for his execution. At that time ,it became clear why Mr. Taheri sent you a letter by having the knowledge that pressure will increase on him intensively after sending a letter from inside the prison which may lower his chance of freedom. However, he sent you the letter, and sincerely requested you to deliver his voice and message to outside the Iran with best of your abilities.

After publication of his letter, Mr. Taheri’s wife who was under severe pressure to cooperate with Iranian regime was imprisoned for two weeks, and by increasing the pressures on her, she agreed to cooperate even more with the government to save her children’s life instead of her husbands’ life.

Despite the activities of this campaign for informing the media and human rights activists and societies which you have been informed resulted in an urgent action issued from Amnesty International (7), issuance letter from European Parliament to Iranian authorities (8), and issuance of an urgent appeal from United Nations high commissioner of human rights campaign

(9) and some other human rights campaigns about situation of Mr. Taheri. However the judicial authorities, and intelligence security forces ignored the critical situation and demand of Mr. Taheri’s to close his “corruption on earth” case, as well as, ignored the demands of International Assemblies to Iranian government to save Mr. Taheri’s life. Finally Master Taheri declared that until the termination of the charges, and accusation against him such as corruption on earth, he is going to have a continuous hunger strike (10).

Finally his perseverance of continuance hunger strike (eleven hunger strikes in 44 months of imprisonment) resulted him going to coma and transference to a hospital, and meanwhile the Iranian Attorney General, secretly visited him. The reason for his visit was to convince him to stop his hunger strike, and offered him a condition to close his corruption on earth file if he admit that his spiritual belief were satanic (11).

Master Taheri didn’t accept the offer of the Iranian attorney of general, and was transferred back to prison while he was suffering from digestive system and kidneys failure due to multiple hunger strikes which result a heart attached. Then he was transferred to an undisclosed location outside the Evin Prison where he never returned (12) on November 28th, 2014. Finally after approximately two months of continuous hunger strikes due to extreme physical condition, and torture to force submission of espionage he passed away in the begging of January, 2015.

After the uncovering by campaign about the repulsive events behind the scene of the Iranian regime (13), the Iranian government increased pressures on Taheri’s family with the help of his attorney to create a fake court hearing without his appearance and publishing the fabricated news in the media about his court hearing to create an atmosphere in society that he is alive and to issue him an illegitimate and unfair sentence and pretend to carry out the sentence (or to publish fake news about his suicide or sudden death which confirm by his lawyer and family such as before) to prevent themselves from being accused of murdering an innocent prisoner of conscience in the 21st century as a result of a hunger strike and torture.

Dr. Ahmed Shaheed, unfortunately your reference in the annex to the report on March 2015 to his imprisonment in Evin Prison in Iran and his trials (quoted by his lawyer) is a confirmation of false news and exploited the Iranian government to cover up the truth about him as a spiritual and genius scientist.

I “ Shahnaz Niroomanesh”, as a student of Mr. Mohammad Ali Taheri, and the head of the International Campaign for Freedom of Mohammad Ali Taheri which after the above incident will act as the Campaign for Justice and Avenge of Master Taheri, and on behalf of the thousands of his students, as well as, the recipient of the letter which was sent to you by him which is an important document about the violations of human rights for all prisoners, especially prisoners of conscience in prisons of medieval Iranian regime’s in the 21st century. I sincerely request you as always, follow up with this important matter professionally and assist us to uncover the truths about the loss of Mr. Taheri before it gets too late to prevent it from becoming a misrepresentation history. While we did not succeed in saving his innocent life, at least we can prevent his innocent blood to be trampled.

I greatly appreciate your time and consideration and look forward to hearing from you.


Shahnaz Niroomanesh

Founder and Spokesperson of Free Taheri Campaign

Dr. Shahnaz Niroomanesh cover letter to UN human rights special rapporteur Dr. Ahmed Shaheed

The letter was initially sent to Mrs. Shahnaz Niroomanesh who is the trusted student of Mr. Taheri, and the president of Interuniversalism Inc. This letter was sent as an attachment to a covering letter addressed to Mrs. Niroomanesh which authorized Mrs. Niroomanesh to translate, prepare, and publicize the following letter to UN special rapporteur

View the PDF version of the Covering letter from here

Cover Letter From the President of Interuniversalism to UN Human Rights Special Rapporteur Dr Ahmad Shaheed


Important urgent news by Amnesty International

Exclusive report by Amnesty International released on Mohammad Ali Taheri

I would like to appreciate from Amnesty International for their support of International Campaign of free Taheri. Also I thank to all friends, colleagues at the center of Interuniversalism in the USA and the members of International Campaign of Free Taheri who helped us in this important action

Director of Interuniversalism, USA

Shahnaz Niroomanesh

August 26, 2014

Urgent Action Amnesty International

BBC Persian News urges about the critical situation of Interuniversalism founder Dr. Taheri who is in solitary confinement for over 3 years

After 3 years of Mr. Taheri imprisonment, his followers are very concern about his critical situation in solitary confinement

Dr. Shahnaz Niroomanesh, president of Interuniversalism in Los Angeles told to Persian BBC News: “Dr. Taheri has been sentenced to fines, lashes and imprisonment for five years, but officials have said that his case still is open for further investigation. Further capital punishments will address against him after his five years imprisonment is over”

Accusations such as above in Iran can lead to very heavy sentences against the defendant

In 2009, Mr. Taheri has been arrested by the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Intelligence Officers and charged with acting against national security. After 67 days of interrogation he was released on bail. Early in 2011 he was again accused of apostasy, blasphemy and insults the Prophet, and was arrested. He has been detained since 2011 in Section 2A of Evin prison

Mr. Taheri recently sent a letter to UN Human Rights Special Rapporteur Dr. Ahmed Shaheed, about the condition of prisons in Iran. Mr. Taheri’s letter to special UN rapporteur has been reported by mass media

Mr. Taheri wrote: “Utilizing all kinds of emotional and mental pressures as well as fake promises on a conditional release in case of acting out their orchestrated and tailored media interviews. After several months of solitary confinement, four attempts for suicide, two times of hunger strike and the excruciating fear for the safety of my family members (following the failure of my investigators and interrogators’ fabricated scenarios), in order to end their (unreasonably and illegitimately protracted) persecution, I did agree with the interrogator’s one-sided, promised proposal to act out an interview for the record, in return for my immediate release. To perform in this interview, my interrogator made notes and held them up to be articulated by me while being taped by two other interrogators simultaneously. Accordingly, I had to make statements like “I agree that my activities were against the law and such.” and despite their never- ending pressures, I resisted and refused to comply and wrongly confess to the act of apostasy. Only after completion of this forged interview I realized that they not only failed to fulfilled their two promises but also they had circulated and broadcasted the video through a variety of media (like via the 8:30 PM State Channel 2 TV News), without my previous knowledge or concession, and creating an untruthful impression of me being a trickster and charlatan in the public eye. By doing so and contrary to their early promises, they kept engineering false charges against to aggravate my case even with malicious acts like fabrication of private complainants, or by misusing this video, the existing proof of my self-confession documents and attached it to the original indictment file.”

Mr. Taheri described judicial authorities and security forces behaviors to himself, his family members and his followers in the letter he wrote to UN Human Rights Special Rapporteur Ahmad Shaheed and indicated his readiness to testify about these behaviors in person

According to some sources, Iranian Revolutionary Guards intelligence officers shortly after publication of his letter arrested Mr. Taheri’s wife

Mr. Taheri is the founder of the spiritual practice known as Interuniversalism, and has significant supporters inside and outside Iran

Iranian regimes have been prosecuted leaders and followers of many spiritual organizations in the past decades

Below you can watch and read Dr. Shahnaz Niroomanesh’s interview with BBC Persian on July 15th, 2014 about Dr. M.A. Taheri’s letter to UN Human Rights appointed Rapporteur Dr. Ahmed Shaheed


Mr. Taheri founder of Interuniversalism and two complementary and alternative medicines of Faradarmani and Psymentology wrote a letter to UN Human Rights Appointed Rapporteur Dr. Ahmed Shaheed

Mr. Taheri on his letter complaint about the behavior of the judicial authorities and the security forces to himself, his family members and his followers. He describes about his situation in solitary confinement for the past three years and his critical situation

We are having an interview with Mrs. Niroomanesh president of Interuniversalism from Los Angeles, California

Q: Mrs. Niroomanesh, would you explain to viewers about the arrestment of Mr. Taheri

A: Well, Mr. Taheri has been arrested by the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Intelligence Officers and accused of apostasy, fighting against God and His holey prophet, blasphemy, insults to the holy Prophet and acting against national security. But the main reason that he has been arrested is because of his new ideology which is Interuniversalism

Q: What were Mr. Taheri activities before he was arrested

A: Mr. Taheri was teaching classes about Interuniversalism and Faradarmani

Q: How popular was Mr. Taheri’s classes

A: Mr. Taheri’s classes were very popular with few hundred students per session, and over thousands of people were attending his workshops. His popularity was increased, and considered as a red flag by Iranian regime

Q: Mr. Taheri has been in prison over three years. Why this letter has been released now

A:In the letter Mr. Taheri talks about many things, including about the execution orders which were accredited by 15 of the grand Ayatollahs, or threatening to hurt, intimidate and jail his family members. Q: But why now

A: Mr. Taheri had been arrested for 67 days in solitary confinement about 4 years ago. After 67 days he was released on bail, and he agreed to stop any mystical activities or teaching. He was only allowed to continue on his scientific researches about Faradarmani and Psymentology complementary and alternative medicines

But the regime didn’t like his activities in field of complementary and alternative medicine as well. As the result, he was arrested and kept in solitary confinement since May 3rd, 2011

We were hoping that Mr. Taheri would have been released from prison by now. Unfortunately tensions have been increased on Mr. Taheri, and he is in a very critical situation

Mr. Taheri realized that by delivering his letter to international level the world would hear his voice, and become more concern about his critical situation in solitary confinement for over 3 years

Q: What was Mr. Taheri’s sentence

A: Mr. Taheri has been sentenced to fines, lashes and imprisonment for five years, but officials have said that his case still is open for further investigation. Further capital punishments will address against him after his five years imprisonment is over. Accusations such as above in Iran can lead to very heavy sentences against the accused

The advantage of keeping Mr. Taheri’s case open gives the opportunity to Iranian regime to halt all the activities that can lead to his freedom. The Iranian Revolutionary Guards Intelligence Officers was able to force Interuniversalism followers to silence by placing their undercover members in Interuniversalism society. The formation of silence in Interuniversalism society is the main reason that there have never been serious activities for freedom of Mr. Taheri. This time, Mr. Taheri breaks the silence to deliver his voice at international level, and he hopes that his followers break the silence that was forced upon them

Q: Would you explain more about Mr. Taheri situation in prison

A: Last year after two years of solitary confinement, he was released under house arrest for 6 days due to upcoming presidential election in Iran. I had a phone conversation with Mr. Taheri, and we agreed that if he is not release from prison within the next two months, we launch an international freedom campaign

The international campaign of freedom Taheri was launched last June, and as the result of last year international protests Mr. Taheri’s name and his ideology “Interuniversalism” was mentioned in the recent report of Dr. Ahmad Shaeeds about situation of human rights in Iran on March, 2014

I’ve received Mr.Taheri’s letter from Iran this spring. As was requested by Mr. Taheri, first developing cooperation with international associations and next creating a vast media coverage on an international level of campaign for Mr Taheri’s letter and necessary actions has been taken by freedom seeking organization of Mr Taheri

Q: Can you explain more about Interuniversalism and why Iranian regime is so concern about your activities

A: Interuniversalism is a spiritual practice that was founded by Mr. Taheri about thirty years ago. In interuniversalism anyone is able to connect to universal intelligence with his/her mind, and turn on his/her abilities switches. One of these abilities is healing and many others. The benefit of connection to the higher intelligence allows us to manage our feelings, emotions judgments, etc. Also healing different type of diseases and many other spiritual understanding would be achieved with connection to universal consciousness

A theocracy system has never accepted these kind of spiritual practices as has been recorded throughout history of mankind

On behalf of BBC Persian, I thank you for your time

About Me

My name is Shahnaz Niroomanesh, and I was born in Tehran-Iran. I did my master’s degree in applied and theoretical physics, and earned my PhD in management. Before 2006, I was teaching physics and mechanics, managed educational centers and institutions, and established and managed an educational counseling center

After 2006, I’ve started teaching Interuniversalism (Erfan Halgheh) courses, and attended central council meeting at interuniversalism association. I was the director of science and research committee at interuniversalism, and was a member of publication, and public relation team as well

I was the founder of non-government organization of Iranian public health association in relation to Faradarmani

My other activities were cooperation and collaboration with internatoional universities for introduction of Faradarmani as a complementary and alternative medicine

In 2011, I moved out of Iran, and started activities in support of Dr. Mohammad Ali Taheri the founder of Interunoversalism and its subdivisions Faradarmani and Psymentology.  My activities included formation of an international campaign of free master Taheri, lobbying with authorities and human rights organizations, attending TV interviews and etc

In 2012, I established the nonprofit foundation of M.A Taheri in the United States of America

Research Experiences

Historical studies of the Abrahamic religions, philosophy of science, physics and metaphysics


Seir “The Journey» which is a collection of my poems and inspirations and revelations. First edition 2008

“The Alast” scheduled for 2014 publication

 The Turning Point in My Life

In 2005, I introduced to Interuniversalism where experienced my mystical journey under the guidance of the most knowledgeable teacher in my life. My introduction to master Taheri was a new begging for me which I can’t put it in any words to explain it. I learned a lot from master Taheri, and I found out about myself, love, and the true meaning of life and existence

                  “Pour his love in our hearts

                                                                      Shine his light on our hearts”

I hope that by continuing my international teachings of Mr. Taheri’s teachings and ideology, I do my share to deliver his teachings and vision to the people around the globe. I also hope that with the effort of interuniversalism’s followers,soon Interuniversalism being introduced to mankind  ,and learn about the concept of connection to universal intelligence to become free from all the pains and unpleasant conditions